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Why I Like Blonde Escorts

I have recently come to appreciate the qualities that you can get from London escort agencies. As a frequent visitor to London I often find myself in need of a little extra company while I'm there. The escorts of London have proven superior to those in many other cities I have visited. I've always had a thing for blonde women and they are sometimes hard to find in my part of the world, so when I go to London I always seek out a blonde escort. I have found the stereotype that blondes have more fun to be true at least when it comes to blonde escorts. 


Last time I was in London I called up the agency I had used last time I had been in town and asked about the availability of two of the girls I had met on previous visits. As it turned out both were available that night so I could choose whichever one I wanted. I thought about it for a few minutes trying to decide but unable to since the time I spent with both of them before had been wonderful. While I pondered the operator suggested that I should try duo escorts. I could enjoy the company of both at the same time. I nearly dropped the phone in excitement and after a few moments I was on my way to meet not one but two beautiful blonde escorts.


I arrived at the apartment and heard some chatting behind the door. My heart pounded at meeting both of the girls again. I knocked loudly and was greeted by two bright and energetic young faces. They invited me in and sat down one on either side of me cuddling themselves up against me while they asked how things had gone since the last time we had met. After a few moments they suggested that they give me a message to relax me from all the stress from my work. I agreed and one moved around behind me and began rubbing my shoulders while the other got down on the floor and pulled off my shoes and socks before beginning to work on my feet. I felt the soft hands of a blonde escort wrapping around my body to unbutton my shirt. She removed it and continued to massage my shoulders and back. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck.


The blonde escort rubbing my feet looked up and smiled. She mentioned being it being hot inside and deftly removed her top. Her soft white skin and sexy bra caused my pant's to shrink a couple of sizes. The girls noticed my reaction and giggled to each other. I felt soft hands undoing my belt and sliding my pants down. Warm breath tickled my inner thigh as the other girl kissed the back of my neck. The feeling of two pairs of lips on separate areas of my body was amazing. The stimulation was almost too much but the escorts timed their movements keeping me from losing it too soon. The things that we did that night still arouse me when I think back to them and next time I am in London you can bet I am going to be calling for a blonde escort or two.

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