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You will see that some of the girls on our website carry the recommended label. This is an indication that many of our clients have fed back to us that the girl in question gave a genuinely great service. This could be that she was cheery and welcoming, that she was amazing looking or that she was amazing in bed or at an event. In most cases it is all of these things together or a combination of a few. We won’t just give this recommended tag for any old review it has to be a trend; so if we get constant feedback of one of our girls going above and beyond and getting lots of different feedback then she will earn herself the tag. Another factor we look at is how many regular clients the escort has, obviously if they have lots of regulars then they must be doing a good job or the guys wouldn’t return! The next level down is girls that are tagged with the title good feedback. These are escorts for which we have had good feedback but they haven’t had enough to warrant the recommended tag. This is usually because they haven’t been with us long enough to qualify but the good feedback tag means they are well on their way. You will notice that lots of our girls don’t have these tags and that is no indication that they any less brilliant at their job it just means that a lot of their clients are very discrete and may not want to give feedback and would prefer to keep their dealings with us private. As discretion is fundamental to our business that is fine with us but any reviews we do receive are kept very much anonymous. If you wish to book a recommended or good feedback girl then browse the escort gallery on our website and give them a go. Great London escorts are hard to find so our handpicked girls will save you looking round for the best girls when you know they are all in one place at

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